fredag den 15. april 2011

Toyota Family Days

To celebrate the release of the new Verso-S, Toyota Denmark invited the whole family to get special deals on their range of family cars.

Instead of just telling people how much space these models had, we played with childrens imagination and let them tell the story. By using childrens drawings we could tell tales of dinos, elephants and thousands of teddys that the car could fit.

Digital we created interactive banners that engaged the viewer. By dragging an animal on top of the car, a little sequence unfolds and a feature of the car is explained. The elephant tells about space, the dino about flexibility, the life buoy about safety etc.

The drawings also connected the TVC, print, web and POS together. Finally all the drawings that where produced on the family days where scanned and posted on Given the parents another excuse to visit our site and tjek out the cars.

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