mandag den 10. maj 2010

Coke Cinema Intro Spots

How do you ask people to be polite at the movies? That was the task we where given by Coke.

Our solution was to create two anti-heroes and make three small films that highlighted the problem. The clips where shown in between the trailers and the movies at Denmark's biggest Cinema-chain.

Again the brilliance of Simon Wooller was a major factor for these film, just as the hard work of animator Nick Donking (Flying Gherkin) and sound designer Bjørn Vidø (Freezone)

See the final films here ;-)

Reef n' Beef

Outdoor Campaign for the only Australian restaurant in Denmark

Shortlisted at 2009 Creative Circle Award
Finalist at 2009 Eurobest

Coke Summer Sound Radio Ad

Two Coke Radio Ads - that followed up on the Coke 2009 Summer Campaign 'Craving for Coke'

Listen to them here and here

Peugeot Radio - Darth

Danish Radio ad for Peugeot Blue Line cars - featuring Darth Wader ;-)

Coke Key Visuals

Some of the many Key Visuals developed for 'on the coke side of life' campaign.

Copenhagen on the Coke side of life
Illustration: Joe Petagno

Uplifting on the Coke side of life
Art: Morten Meldgaard Utopia Design

Recycle on the Coke side of life
Illustration: Mads Berg

Fanta Outdoor

How do you align an ordinary outdoor with the Fanta core creative idea “nothing is boring” ?

We took the adshel in the busiest metro-station in Denmark, and with the help of a half-table-tennis table, we turned it into the most engaging outdoor Fanta has ever produced.

Femina - for all the women you are

Three small TVC's and three print ads where the key to this campaign.

But even more important became the Organising Idea: Femina - for all the women you are, that was developed for this campaign. It has really taken a hold in the editorial staff, and together with a new layout it changed the magazine with such an impact that the eternal rival 'Alt for Damerne' has been pushed from the throne.

See the three TVC's here, here and here

... and the print ads here:


This Sampling Event was created within the Fanta Core Creative Idea ‘Nothing is Boring’ We filled a fun-fair Grab Machine with New Orange-shaped Fanta ‘Splash-bottles’. For maximal effect, these where placed in high-traffic areas in malls.

The result was fantastic. Word quickly spread that there was free Fanta inside the machine, and all you needed was skills and a bit of luck to claim your reward.

See how it works here

HB Køge

New logo and trickot design for major danish soccer club HB Køge

Pimp My Penol

Finalist in 'Pimp My Penol Award'

World Book Day (Verdens bogdag)

First price in postercompetition for the danish 'world book day'

Logo Balsamico

Logo for Italien restaurant down by the harbour.

Miss Nicolai

Neat little home page that I designed - check out the navigation ;-)

See how it works here

Fanta 1+9 Key Visual

Illustration Mikael Eriksson
Post-production Uffe Knørr.
It looks good - and tasts even better